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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I know, Link Crazy

more great music. Thanks for sharing with me!!
And this has been one of my favourites since I was a kid.

another classic or two

Dawn- this kid is amazing!

and one more full of JOY

Some More Random Links

Hi, all! It was great to see the family for a bit today :-). I just figured I'd put a few more videos on here that we liked. Odd days. Please be in prayer for my little neighbor and her grandma who's in hospital. THANKS!! Have a safe trip home, Phil!
*(delta dawn is a shout out to mama for teaching me to sing this song first and recording it when I was about 2)

This one is just so happy!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Another Monday

Spending some time with DS while DD sleeps in. This looks like a great game. We can't wait for it to come out. I especially like the part in the trailer where Captain America stops the helicopter. Purr.
Maybe more later.
Hope everyone has a great week!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Thanks, Stan Lee

Image of Stan Lee courtesy of

Since the comics have done away with the letters to the editor page, I'll use this space to send my thanks.
Thank you Stan Lee for all you contributed to comics over the years. thanks for keeping them interesting and fun. Thanks for coming up with original, entertaining bad-guys instead of taking the lazy way of making Christians the villains. Thanks for always taking time for your fans. And thanks most of all for capturing the essence of America in a time when she was beautiful.
Homemade apple juice is soooo much better than store-bought. mmm,mmm! And my neighbor told me to help myself to the apples on his tree. Thanks, Terry!
The site is being weird today, so I'm going to go. Holy Convocation starts at sundown. Feast of Trumpets, I think. I'd better look it up. DD is wanting to do it right (I hope she doesn't want us to set up a tent in the yard for Tabernacles... if so, I'll have to borrow one- ours got stolen. )
Au Revoir!!
AND 1st day of school was GREAT!! I'll post about it after the pics are uploaded and the computer isn't being so odd.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree

I figured I'd post it as it's been going thru my head all apple season. My gramma used to sing it (Gramma Buddy) and I never forgot it. She used to be a USO girl- that's how she met my grampa in WWII. Coffee and doughnuts for our boys in blue. And even better, it's a Glenn Miller song. If you've not watched Jimmy Stewart's Glenn Miller Story (a movie) you oughtta. It's wonderful. Even my modern day teens really liked it. There was just something about that time. I wouldn't mind it if we recycled the 40s- but it's like the decades since Israel's founding just keep on in an endless loop. Maybe it's just me, but I'm getting annoyed that the late 60s and 70s seem to have the most facetime. ;-) Ah, the theories one comes up with when the sun has beat on one's head for hours in a bean patch.
Well, I'm going to check on the spaghetti. I decided to try to can the juice after lunch. Wish me luck!!

Happy Labor Day

Image courtesy of Yahoo! Images

One good thing about having to wake up early to take care of puppies is getting to see the mass of Morning Glories that are on the bank in front of the house. Mine are prettier than this- they're all colours. I just need to locate my camera and get a few pics of them.
For folks who have hair that is neither curly nor straight and has the annoying habit of frizzing all over the place in anything over 2% humidity: try Aussie haircare products. They're the only thing I've found that can withstand the weather, and they smell good, too. I use their Repair shampoo, the spray on, leave in conditioner and the Sprunch Spray. Also, the bottles are a really pretty purple... ;-)
What's wrong with me? I am finding that I actually like Mondays! I'm worried. I've been a Monday hater my whole life. Now all of the sudden, I find myself getting up early and liking it. Looking forward to the massive amount of work there is to do... I must be coming down with something. Yep. (((shudder))))
Please pray for the salvation of my neighbor and her boyfriend and that God will use us to be a light and a blessing where He has put us. Also, please pray for the girl's grandparents who are having extreme health problems. Thanks!!
What's GREAT about having a garden is that you can share food with those in need even if you've not got a penny to your name. God is sooooo good!!
Well, school starts tomorrow. I still do not know which park or trail we're going to hit for our first field trip... but it's a tradition with us to do a nature-y type thing on the first day. There's a place called Carter's Park someplace nearby that supposedly has a lot of ducks. I'll have to get better directions and maybe that's where we'll go. I'm looking forward to all of it- even the additional craziness of trying to fit in hours of bookwork to an already jam-packed learning schedule. And we SO had agriculture class this summer. PHEW.
The homemade apple juice is coming along messily, but well. I'm still freezing everything. I reckon it's because Mum blew up a pressure cooker when I was a kid that I'm soooo leery about using my pressure canner. But juice can be done in an open bath one- unfortunately, my open bath canner is what I'm cooking my apples down in... Well, there's still room in the freezer... but I may try to can it anyway. Got to go foraging again. I bet that crab apples would make some good candy and the juice is a such a lovely colour.
I know this is all disjointed and non-poetic, but the dogs are being really loud and distracting. I guess I'd better get back to work. I hope everyone has a GREAT holiday and especially Mum. God bless!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Beautiful September

Yes, I know, this is more like beautiful December- but I haven't uploaded any pictures recently... and I just like the snow. ;-)
So, I am taking a small break after putting up 4 gallons of apple juice concentrate and before I start on the tomato puree.
Thanks to my neighbor for the wonderful hand-me-downs! The best smelling sunscreen face lotion I have ever used: Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Anti-Sun Damage. It makes your face feel soft and smell like antique roses all day long. Mmmm- nothing like the usual sunscreen smell and it doesn't seem to make one's face feel sweaty like the others do, either. Also, thanks to my sister-in-law for the lovely stuff she brought on her last visit. Y'all are precious!
Well, the puppy I mentioned in a previous post is gone. She didn't come back this time. (...) Although, this time it would seem like she got herself loose and just took off- around here one can't be too sure. And when DS tried to put our Black and Tan in the kennel for safe keeping (she tends to get "borrowed" during hunting season), our chow decided she was the Alpha of the kennel and didn't want anyone else besides her adopted German Shepherd pup in there. Poor son! He had one on a leash and one by the collar as the fight was on and the pup took off for the brush pile. I dashed out there with my trusty wooden spoon (ask mom) to help and hey, Ma- it works on dogs, too! ;-) Nobody got hurt and the Black and Tan especially acted like she thought it was fun! DS felt like his hand twisted nearly off and his other arm was out of socket- but neither dog hurt him, or even tried to even though they were making an infernal racket that would have made good sound effects for a horror movie. So after catching the pup, who also thought it was fun, we put our drool covered B&T back to her usual post. She was a rescued dog who'd spent her life in a tight kennel with lots of other hounds, so she's not really keen on kennels anyway- it's like she feels like she's retired now and has earned the right to her own space. Maybe DH can build her a kennel that can be padlocked by the time hunting season gets in full swing- if not, I reckon she'll be spending her nights in the mudroom/basement with the cats.
Well, my boisterous inside pups have decided to bark the house down- how dare I be up and blogging while they languish in their kennel! Sometimes...
AND is it humanly possible to keep up on all the yard work/garden/fruit tree work and the housework??? I seem to remember mom's lovely clean house, but I don't remember her doing much in the yard. I think it's an either-or kind of thing. But, I'm trying. DH I think is going to ban me from the garden if I don't start making sure the house is better. Note to self: give the puppies ONLY toys they CANNOT shred. That'll be a big help. And: learn to delegate responsibility. I think it can be done, it's just a matter of balancing things just-so. At least the living room looks great right now. But then, the pups haven't been in there wreaking havoc yet today either.
School starts next week for us. I'd be more excited if I could do back-to-school shopping. That seems to make it a happier thing- new art pads, pencils & pens, (we have all our books- but, hey- what's a few more??), a few outfits, new music and or instruments....ahh. I know it'll happen when God provides it and it's always so much fun- makes it feel like it's really started. I think the old school year for agricultural districts used to be November thru March- and living here, I can see why! You need every hand ya got when you have harvesting or planting to get in and critters to tend.
Well, I reckon I'd really better scoot. I hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoys the wonderful breezes the storms off the coast seem to be stirring up. Mmmm, September. God bless y'all!